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My main focus is on Solido but I will add other brands that I come across.

PNGPIX-COM-New-PNG-Transparent-ImageHappy new year visitors !

6/1/2021 – I put the Britains cannons in their own page. I renamed the Solido Anniversary box page to the Solido limited editions. 2 new Solido were added there , also 1 Britains Kubelwagen and a Solido AMX 13 tank.

28/12/2020 New Siku page added , Vintage Solido AMX 30 tanks added.

I hope you will find this website useful and discover examples you may still need for your collection.

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See some of the modern ‘Solido’ in action in this documentary.  Renault VAB and trucks.

Click here : Serval , a brigade in action